Good Fruit Connection & Nick Hall: “Ukraine needs Yeshua!”

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Interchurch youth ministry with the participation of Nick Hall under Good Fruit Connection was held on November 24th in Kiev. It was the night when God has kindled His flame in the hearts of young people for them to carry it further and further. There was a common thread running through that night: the phrase “Ukraine needs Yeshua!”


   God gathered together young people from all over Ukraine on this special night (about 20 churches from 15 cities). After all, the Father has no greater joy then when His children praise Him in unity. Prayer and sincere worship before God remove all differences and overcome all barriers, including language ones. Thus Dave Lubben, a friend of Nick Hall, praised the Lord not only in his native English, but also in Russian and Ukrainian languages!

   Nick Hall is an evangelist and founder of PULSE Youth-Ministry, one of the largest prayer and outreach missions for youth and students in the US. Nick Hall arrived with the team of ministers to impart to Ukrainian Christian youth the fire of God, striving to develop in the Lord and serve Him.

   Nick was telling about his life, his experience in Ukraine and about God’s movement: "How the Lord is moving? Personally, I have never seen young people so excited, as I saw in the last couple of days in your country! All over the world people pray for Ukraine! Ukraine is prayed for more than any other place in the world. When young people meet Yeshua and repent, it means that God is preparing revival!"

   Nick Hall also gave many of practical tips on how to talk about God to our friends and loved

ones: "First you have to answer three questions for yourself:

- Who needs Yeshua in your life?

- What will you do?

- Who will go with you?

And then you should remember and not forget – it is not about us, but it is about Him, about

the One whom nothing could stop; about the One who came down to the earth and promised

that He would never leave us! Yeshua is alive! And he calls us to tell the world about how

God became flesh and died for every man!“Ukraine needs Yeshua! I need Yeshua!"

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