KJMC invites to the Pastors Retreat 2018!

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Kiev Jewish Messianic Congregation (KJMC) is pleased to invite bishops, pastors and leaders of ministries to the traditional Pastors Retreat which will take place on 8-12 October. The retreat with God in the circle of pastors is a good tradition of the KJMC shared with the leaders and senior ministers of congregations, churches, missions and unions of different confessions from many countries and even continents!

The important feature of the Pastors Retreat of the KJMC is a casual, joyful and family-friendly atmosphere for services, discussions, consultations, meetings and rest.

"We invite to attend all participants from previous pastors retreats and also pastors, leaders of missions and biblical colleges whose hearts are open to the areas as follows:

  • who oriented to the salvation of the Jewish people;
  • who already initiated or who wants to initiate the Jewish ministry;
  • who has issues related to this ministry or issues related to the pastorship;
  • who needs fellowship in the circle of pastors" - say the organizers of the event.

Beginning of registration - 1 August 2018.
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