We invite you to the Summer KJMC Prayer Retreat (25.08 - 30.08.19)!

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We invite you to the KJMC prayer retreat August 25-30 at Pushcha-Vodytsia near Kyiv. The purpose of the prayer retreat is withdrawal, separation from everyday worries for prayer and encounter with God and for a friendly fellowship of the ministers of different confessions.

Address: 7 Kurortnaya St., Sports Complex of the UTOG Recreation Facility, Puscha-Voditsa, Kyiv.

How to get to the venue: Take bus no. 226 or no. 719 from Nyvky metro station to Dzherelo bus stop.

*Registration and attendance requirements found in attachments. 

At the Kiev Jewish Messianic Congregation’s Prayer Retreat, we will together seek His presence and completely immerse ourselves in the incredible Love of the Father!

Note! Pre-registration for the Retreat is open from July 8, till August 8, 2019.

Dear guests, if plan to come to the Prayer Retreat please provide the Pastor's Recomendation from your leader (Pastor or Rabbi).

The registration is obligatory for all the participants of the Retreat including those who arrange accommodation on their own. 

Please note that accommodation fees do not include meals as it is a time of fasting. Please discuss the conditions of your fast with your spiritual mentor and doctor (if necessary)!


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