You are invited to KJMC Prayer Retreat (January 3-9, 2017)!

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You are invited to attend the Winter Prayer Retreat organized by Kiev Jewish Messianic Congregation! It will be held on January 3-9, 2017 in Pushcha Voditsa near Kiev.

Retreat is a joyful time of personal and mutual ascent of the mountain of God. This includes various daily prayers in the most important directions, as well as prayer support and active intercession for Ukraine, Israel, for revival of the chosen people, and other key areas for every believer.

Also, KJMC retreat is:

  • a friendly informal fellowship of ministers of different denominations;
  • exchange of experience;
  • seminars, forums, presentations of projects and ministries;
  • a time of praise and worship with dances and songs;
  • study of the Scriptures and important topics related to personal faith and spiritual growth...

KJMC Senior Rabbi Boris Grisenko: "According to the Bible prophecies, the global Messianic movement is one of the most important movements of God's restoration in the end times; and KJMC retreats are one of the platforms where this movement is represented and from where it spreads through everyone who wants to serve God in power and grace of the end times."

KJMC has been holding prayer retreats since 2005. Initially, these events were open only to KJMC members. However, as time passed, the Holy Spirit expanded those boundaries and opened the door for representatives of other churches from Ukraine and abroad.  

That first retreat in 2005 gathered 237 people. The Spring retreat of 2016 was attended by 1,669 believers from Australia, UAE, Belarus, UK, Germany, Israel, Iran, Spain, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Japan, United States and Ukraine, the representatives of 166 Christian churches.

Many well-known ministers from many countries take part and teach at our retreats. Some of them are Paul Zink, Rick and Bette Strombeck, John Arnott, Rob Parker, Rick Correlli, Rosemarie Claussen, Mathew Kuruvilla, Don Finto, Jim Anderson, Seth Foss, Lisa Bourland, Grigoriy Komendant, Mikhail Panochko, Anatoliy Gavrilyuk, Aleksander Epp, Rostislav Shkinder, Petr Oktaba, Henry Madhava, Andrey Tishchenko, Sergey Shidlovskiy, Sergey Velbovets, Boris Grisenko.

It is the perfect time and place for private devotion with God in prayer, worship and studying the Word. Separate yourself at least for a few days away from the bustle, ascending the mountain of the Lord together with other children of God! Also, there will be friendly informal socializing with ministers of various denominations, sharing of experiences and a wonderful time of worship in dances and songs, study of Scriptures and important topics of personal faith and spiritual growth. We invite everyone who strives to be closer to God and grow spiritually to join KJMC Winter retreat!

Registration started on November 10th.

Registration Deadline December 20th.

The registration is obligatory for all the participants of the retreat including those who arrange accommodation on their own.

• General information
• Registration for visitors from other countries
• Pastor recommendation

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