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“Serve the Lord your God with joy and gladness of heart, for the abundance of everything”, (Deuteronomy 28:47, NKJV).

To praise the Lord; rejoicing, singing and dancing before Him, is a normal thing for New Covenant Messianic believers.

In Jewish tradition, every service and prayer meeting is filled with joy, praise and jubilation: every encounter with God is a feast for those who come to Him.  Praising God through dance and song holds a special place of significance for our Congregation.  It is not just a tribute to our cultural traditions, or a way to add a beautiful element to our Shabbat services, but more importantly, it is about the triumph of joy and gratefulness for God’s kindness.  Messianic believers use dance and song as a way to fully express their feelings for God and to worship Him in the way that was commanded in ancient times.

The main objective of the music and dance ministry at KJMC is to use the Jewish experience to restore a biblical approach to praise and fellowship with God.  This is very important for all believers.  After all, in biblical times, God did not teach His nation to separate the religious and social aspects of their lives (as so often happens today), but rather, to devote their whole lives to Him. We must understand this ourselves and then teach our physical (and spiritual) children to rejoice, celebrate, glorify and worship God in the way He commanded.

Returning to this biblical approach to praise and living life in relationship with God is inextricably connected to the restoration of the Jewish component within the Body of Messiah. Perhaps this is the reason why a robust music and dance ministry is a distinguishing feature of Messianic congregations. To praise God through dance in particular holds a special key in reuniting believers of different denominations. We see evidence of this through the many different churches and congregations that participate in seminars and events hosted by KJMC who are seeking the experience of Jewish worship dance.


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