Yelena Shafir:"It’s a real mishpucha!"

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I believe that it’s important and good for Jews to be a part of Jewish Messianic congregation for a number of reasons. First, you can experience the real presence of God. And not just the presence of some unknown God, but of all others - God of Israel, God of your own forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. When you study the Scriptures in the light of Jewish people’s history, right there, of all places, inside of your heart you begin to understand that God has always been there for His people.

And today He’s the same faithful, loving Father of the people He chose. While studying the Word of God in the Jewish congregation, I began to realize what a special role and responsibility the Jews have in the Spiritual realm in recent times.

There’s a warm, family-like atmosphere in the Jewish congregation. But at the same time, spiritually close people are always ready to lend a shoulder and give support. It’s a real mishpucha!

There’s another thing that I find to be tremendously important for Jews – to believe in Yeshua. Because it’s Him only – the promised Messiah, Who died for the sins of each one of us and rose from the dead for our justification. He’s the One they didn’t recognize, Whom they are still waiting for.

And I’m positive that every Jew, if he/she reads TaNakH with an open heart and studies the history and traditions of Jewish people, that person will repeatedly fully realize that Yeshua is indeed our promised Savior.

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