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I’m convinced that God has to be present in the life of a person. But on my way to His presence I stumbled a lot, steered in the direction of psychic mediums and fortunetellers. I also went to a synagogue and asked rabbis questions about life and God. And, notably, at the time I actively started searching for answers, my successful life turned into a complete hopeless darkness.

And every time the light at the end of the tunnel wasn’t a way out, but an oncoming train…In 1995 I found myself at the Jewish festival.

I was shocked to see orthodox rabbis standing at the central palace “Ukraine” and unscrupulously talking Jews out of going to the festival. I decided to go anyway. There, when I saw Jonathan Bernis and Davis Levin – who seemed 100% Jewish to me – I breathed a sigh of relief, and thought to myself: “it’s not too bad; I’m not the only one here”. At that festival I received an invitation to Kiev Jewish Messianic congregation.

I came to the congregation looking for a way out from my hopeless darkness. Interestingly, at first I waited for the opportunity to nail Boris Grisenko to the wall by proving to him through the Scriptures everything I thought of Yeshua. And what I thought came from orthodox Judaism. But the more I listened to the sermons, the more I was getting to the bottom of everything happening at the services, and the less I wanted to nail anyone to the wall! I stopped this nonsense, repented, received tevilah in water and in the Holy Spirit.

I simply understood that Yeshua and messianic movement is true genuine Jewishness. It’s a golden thread through both Old and New Testaments. It’s where God directly communes with His people. And since I’m a part of this people I also began experiencing the fruit of having relationship with the living God.

More importantly, I realized that if I did not take the New Testament into consideration, TaNakH makes it obvious enough – the way to God lies only through the blood of the Lamb. He, Yeshua, is an innocent male sacrifice, who according to the Scriptures, came to this Earth not to abolish the Law, but to fulfill it. And to this day there’s no other person who as accurately fulfilled the Law as Yeshua did.

After thorough examination of this topic, I was convinced and made a firm final decision: this congregation is the right place for me as a Jew, as well as a believer. Here, I stopped depending on people (you know, before in the midst of all my problems I depended on fortunetellers, psychic mediums, rabbis, anyone but God), I surrendered all to the only One able to help – the Lord. I feel wonderful, because I’m 100 % sure I’m on the right track. Today the greatest desire of my heart is that orthodox and Messianic Jews, rabbis and all priesthood would pray together in unity for Yeshua’s return. Since He is the only sacrifice for us all, for every human being.

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