Ira Bukhman

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I’m a part of the Messianic congregation because I’m Jewish.

After all, Yeshua is the God-promised Messiah for my people – who else, if not Jews, should believe in Him in first place? There was a time when one Jew, a very good friend of our family, would visit us to share about the Lord. His invitation was the reason why my parents and I, still a child then, would go to the congregation’s meetings. But only as a teenager at one of the summer camps held by the congregation did I encounter the Lord, realize that He was alive and real, and give my life to Him.

At that point I was a professional dancer. So I became a part of one dance group and the dance ministry in the congregation at the same time. Eventually it became difficult to balance ministry to God with constant practices and concerts in the dance group. So I had a serious choice to make. That’s when I decided to make God and ministry to Him my main priority.

There’s no other place like the congregation where people are as sincere, open, accepting, friendly and family like. I believe that God created such congregations so that every Israelite, as well as people from other nations, can fit in and feel good.

Another moment: since I became a part of the congregation, my self-image as being Jewish has changed radically. Before, I was ashamed of my Jewishness and would hide it from friends. I wasn’t really interested in traditions or history of my people. But now God’s calling for my people is becoming clearer. I realize what privilege as well as responsibility it is to be a part of God’s Israel.

I want youth to get rid of this stereotype: “I’ll come to God when I get old…It’s too soon now…I’m young and don’t want to waste opportunities.” From my personal experience I want to tell you this: the moment a person becomes a believer is the moment his/her real life actually begins! I keep wondering at how God blesses and arranges my life. He keeps me, fills my life with colors, friendships, different trips and events. He uncovers in me new talents and skills I’ve never thought of before! It’s just awesome!

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