Kirk Bennett: Why God calls the watchmen to pray for Israel?

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The Book of Isaiah, chapter 62 starts with the words: "For Zion’s sake I will not hold My peace, And for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest, Until her righteousness goes forth as brightness, And her salvation as a lamp that burns." I think that it says God did not rest and people should not either

God looks at Jerusalem and says: "I will not rest until her righteousness goes forth as brightness.”

Maybe some of you think that the prophecy was fulfilled with the coming of the Messiah Yeshua? But I affirm that this concern and thirst of the Lord continues to this day. That is why He has set the watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem, "they shall never hold their peace day or night.”

It is not enough to physically possess the mountain of God's house. It should shine!

I believe that today the Lord calls many watchmen, various people in the church, who allow God's concern to capture them.

These watchmen are the Jews and Gentiles that consider it abnormal that Jerusalem still does not shine with God's glory and light and they wish it to happen soon.

Why would God set the watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem? Why is this concern of the Lord's heart transmitting into the hearts of His children? Because Jerusalem has not become the glory on earth yet! The destiny of this city is for God to be praised on the earth through her. So that God will be glorified day and night. The mission of this city is to be filled with the light of the heavens so much, that this light might be spread to the ends of the earth so that the mountain of God's house becomes higher and brighter of any other mountain!

It is not enough to merely possess this mountain. The mountain is to shine with light. The relationship with the heavens has to be revealed. Never-ending praise and glory to God must be heard. It is not enough for the Jewish people to simply live in this land. Not enough to have the temple. They have to see the glory of God that will rest over Jerusalem and to carry this glory to all the nations!

God says He will not rest until it is accomplished. He puts the experience of His heart into the hearts of people so they will not rest as well until Jerusalem shines! We know for sure that this prophecy will come true!

Surely, the confrontation of the enemy is increasing. The enemy tries at all costs to stop that from happening. The prophecy of Isaiah says that the nations will besiege Jerusalem to exterminate the Jewish people. But these people will shine with God's glory as it has been foreordained by the Creator!

What do you feel? Is this for you?

Today we see the number of the watchmen grow. The people from all the nations accept the burden of prayer for Jerusalem and Israel into their hearts. Today the number of Jewish people who are getting saved and returning to the Messiah grows as never before. We hear how the rabbis are personally encountering the Lord Yeshua. We see the other nations return to the Jewish Messiah. This has never happened before in history! Today we are closer to the glorious time of fulfilling of God's prophecies on Israel than ever before!

If you feel this is for you, start praying every day and every week. Schedule your regular time to pray for Israel, for his salvation, for brightness and dedication of Jerusalem to be accomplished, which has been foreordained by God.

Kirk Bennett, Leader of IHOPKC, Prophet, Teacher, Founder of 7Thunders Ministries

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