Women’s seminar at the Summer Prayer Retreat 2018

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The most solid stronghold in a woman’s heart is pride and self-righteousness. Even when confronted we try making excuses.

Here are two sins acknowledged by women:

  1. Getting annoyed with husbands when they don’t show enough love
  2. Loosing temper with children when they don’t obey

But in reality these sins are nothing more than pride and self-righteousness. And here’s how you need to deal with them: stop eluding, listen to what your husband has to say, heed to his exhortation even if it’s painful and unpleasant.

You have to let your husband be the leader, give him the first place in everything. He is the head. You are not his “neck”; you are his helper. You are given to him to make him feel good. If you think in your heart: “I’m holier, more righteous, more clean-living than him”, just listen to what God has to say to that in Isaiah 65:2…5: “I have stretched out My hands all day long to a rebellious people, who walk in a way that is not good, according to their own thoughts…who say: ‘Keep to yourself, do not come near me, for I am holier than you!’ These are smoke in My nostrils, a fire that burns all the day.”

Have mercy on us, Lord, and forgive us for thinking we are more righteous than other people.

Maria Kulumbegova, women’s seminar at Summer Prayer Retreat KJMC 2018


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# Roni Mathews 03.09.2018 12:46
I will repeat, you are an answer to prayer! :lol:
Roni Mathews

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