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When did you say “thank you” to the Lord for the last time? It is clear that we regularly ask Him for something - some for health, other for success, some ask for prosperity, and others just for everything to be well with their families. But how often are we grateful for His answers to our requests? Shabbat is a great time to say with all our hearts “thank you so much!” to the One who has created us, who cares for us, saves and takes a close look at all our problems.

Just imagine how pleased He is when the whole big family, mishpucha, gathers together with thankful hearts and joyfully gives Him thanks for everything by word, prayer, smile and tzedakah.

But why imagine? Join us and you will see all this by yourself! ;)

We invite you every Saturday to JOIN the KJMC Shabbat service ONLINE via website, Facbook or Youtube

Address: Kiev, 20 General Zmatchenko St.

Starting at 11am Kiev time

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