Sergey Shidlovskiy: Do Not Put the Supernatural God in a Box

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Sergey Shidlovskiy – friend of our congregation shared a revelation of the supernatural God and His plans for us and of the supernatural ministry with Him.

"This word came up when I and my team were summing up the outgoing year and planning the next one. It seemed that the overall results were analyzed, the plan was successfully framed, but all of a sudden my heart was troubled. I began to pray and asked God, "Lord, what don’t You like in our plan? Tell me how You want us to plan this year?" And the Lord answered me, "In your plan there is no place for a miracle, and therefore there is no place for Me. You have a very splendid, nice, Christian, God-type, but not supernatural plan. Then why do you need Me?”

It is very similar to what the Lord said to the people of Israel, "I will not go with you" (Exodus 33:3). That means God can bless our plans but won’t participate in them, because believers don’t leave room for Him.

Then we held a second meeting with the team, during which we made a new plan with new tasks, that the team has never faced before, and with indeterminate ways of fulfillment, in which only the Lord can help.

Why? Because God loves us and He wants to be involved in our lives. He expects that we’ll invite and let Him in our plans and in our lives. Sometimes we call unto the Lord when we don’t need Him because we can do things brilliantly by ourselves. But, God wants our plans and actions to reflect true need in the Lord and then the Lord will perform miracles...

For example, the biblical story of the five loaves and two fishes (Matthew 14:13-21) tells of the miraculous satiation of 20 thousand people. The disciples of the Lord had planned to let the people go, so that they could purchase food for themselves. In this scheme, there was no room for a miracle, and thus, there was no room for God.

Sometimes, we don’t give Him the opportunity and the chance to intervene in our plans, and sometimes we don’t even ask Him what we should do. That’s why it is important to pray when we are making plans.

Only when the disciples gave up their plans to Yeshua, the Lord performed a miracle: He multiplied five loaves and two fish and fed 20 thousand people.

We don’t have to perform miracles. Jesus works miracles and you have to give out! The disciples of the Lord performed small things, giving out the bread and fish, but that’s what caused the miracle. Small things cause miracles! And, if you can do something towards your miracle, do it and don’t decide for God whether a miracle will happen or not because God is supernatural and He performs miracles. And, also God is faithful; He always fulfills His part. But, for a miracle to happen, you have to perform your part - one hundred percent - keeping in mind every detail!”

Sergey paid special attention to trusting in God. In Matthew 10:8-10, Yeshua sent His disciples in pairs to carry the Good News, and He instructed them to not get a bag or a staff or money to take with them. Considering that in ancient times in Israel a man with a stick was assumed to be a stranger, and hospitality was one of the customs and mitzvah (commandment), he could always count on a good reception in any house. So, the disciples didn’t look like strangers without a staff or a bag and they had to find food themselves. But, God encouraged them, saying, "for the worker is worth his keep." This is an example of trust in God.

"Are you sure that if you don’t have enough money or people or knowledge or experience, and you don’t know how to do something, that means this work is not from the Lord? Often we have a special compass by which we measure: is it from the Lord or not? And we often don’t give time to God.”

But God created the universe in six days! Often we believe in the result only when the process has been delayed for years (e.g., the creation of the universe). But, if a miracle happens immediately, it is often impossible to believe in! The question arises: “How long does it take for a miracle?" – the speaker asked. He read Amos 9:11-13 and drew attention to the speed in the measuring of God's time, "When the reaper will be overtaken by the plowman and the planter by the one treading grapes" ... Time is a relative concept. Our Lord is the Lord of time, and He is able to compress time. Things that were happening during many, many years can happen in one day. Our plans, should take into account the time frames are often too slow for God. In reality everything is possible for God!" The speaker reminded us of the biblical story of the resurrection of Lazarus, when an incredible miracle came to pass - and he came out of the burial place just as the Lord had said.

In the Gospel of Mark 11:22-24, it is said, "Have faith in God." Sergey Shidlovskiy encouraged listeners: "Only God! In all cases, only faith in God and you don’t need any other! What is the difference between God’s faith and human’s faith? Human’s faith is when a person realizes that he can do something; he is counting on his prayers and his faith as well. But, when we think about God, and don’t calculate what is possible for Him and what is not, and how fast He can move – that’s when in our heart a new kind of faith is born, and it’s called God’s faith".

The speaker incited the audience, "Let’s make a decision that from now on we will think about God more often, about His capabilities and all the resources that are at His disposal, how fast He can do things and let our plans come from the perspective of the capabilities of God."

In Galatians 3:2-9, there’s a note of warning. "After beginning by means of the Spirit, are you now trying to finish by means of the flesh?" and "So again I ask, does God give you his Spirit and work miracles among you by the works of the law, or by your believing what you heard?". "Miracles are founded on "believing what you heard," on the frames arranged in our head, said Sergey. We need to change the perception of reality. A man without imagination cannot imagine something impossible. Who gave us the imagination? The Lord did. Then why now and then does our imagination reflect the carnal experiences rather than God’s promises? We are the creators of reality and we form reality.

God said to Gideon, "The Lord is with you, mighty warrior," but he warned him before the victory over the enemy, "Or Israel would boast against me, ‘My own strength has saved me’" (Judges 7). God gave him His strategic plan to get rid of his enemies and Gideon overcame his enemies, even being a weak and insecure man, because he had accepted God’s plan for himself and for his army.

Like the biblical heroes, every believer can carry on a supernatural ministry followed by signs and wonders. After all, our God is supernatural!

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