Is the “silent disaffection” to Jewish people anti-Semitism?

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Question: Is it possible to consider “silent disaffection” to the Jewish people, an inner attitude of a person without any vigorous action, as anti-Semitism? Based on the principle “what is within me is nobody’s business”?

The Senior Rabbi of Kiev Jewish Messianic Congregation (KJMC) Boris Grisenko comments: "I can highlight two extremes towards the Jewish people showing an anti-Semitic stronghold in the human soul:

1. A lot of anti-Semitic-biased people in different countries are loyal and even good to their relatives and friends of Jewish origin. They are greatly satisfied with this sort of “generosity” saying: “I'm not an anti-Semite! My father-in-law is Jewish, my son-in-law is Jewish, my cousin's daughter is Jewish ... I am really good to these exceptions among the Jewish people!” It’s too much danger! Actually, all anti-Semites have their own "good Jewish people." Hitler being wise in his obsession, said: “We cannot allow the Germans to make exceptions for their personal friends. If every German intercedes for an exception to be made to his close Jewish friends, we’ll not be able to subject anyone to repression.”

2. There is also another extreme - people who theoretically love the Jewish people. But on the practice, they suspect every Jew, that they worst «Jewish personality» to be shown (it’s interesting that such an extremity is often common among Christians who believe in the Bible in theory but, virtually, don't observe it.) This extreme is not only of the Jewish people but of other nations also. We are ready to love those who are far and don't spread out the love among the people close to us if it's awkward for us.


Each person has to think over his general way of thinking on this point. What people does he use to judge the Jewish people? Based on what evidence his conclusions are made? How did he check the facts? Especially it’s important for everyone who believes in God of Israel, to test himself – how much do biblical and the New Testament statements about Jewish people and God’s attitude towards them, define His attitude not just to individual Jews, but to all the Jewish people?

The biggest problem of anti-Semitism and Nazism is not extending to rational deductions and verifiable facts, but it extends to the inner strongholds, stereotypes that have no rational foundation and emotions deriving from it.

This is why the prayer that touches the depths of the human personality, the prayer that cries out to the Lord, for Whom there is nothing hidden, such a prayer for sure can be one of the most effective weapons against Nazism and anti-Semitism! This is the spiritual weapon in the war against the spiritual strongholds.

© Boris Grisenko, Senior Rabbi of KJMC // from the interview “Boris Grisenko - about the Ukrainian people, biblical and spiritual anti-Semitism.”

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