We don't want to run away from freedom

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Add heaWe dont want to run away from freedomding1Dear friends, this is a favorable time to get out of slavery, depression, old things, leave the desert and enter God's promised land for every one of us. 

Let s seek freedom in Him with desire. I invite you to pray with me: "Holy Spirit, touch us deep inside and show us what parts of the world we are still choosing instead of Your freedom? Show us what is trying to enslave our will. Show us where we are still thinking legalistically, show us what or who is trying to stand between You and us. We don't want to run away from Your freedom, to hide from You. We want to ascend Your holy mountain and have a rest in Your embraces, Father. We want to see Yeshua's smile and be filled with His anointing oil every day. We desire to receive the fire of Your love, fill each corner of our souls and burn up.

We want to become Your torch, Your bush which is burning but does not burn.

God, You have already done a lot for every one of us, keep doing it, please. Deepen and claim what You have started. And deliver us from fear of freedom, from fear of belonging to You completely.

Work, Holy Spirit! Come upon us and fill us with Your anointing oil, Your fire, Your thirst, Your mercy. There is nothing more dear and important than You. We are nothing without You.

©Boris Grisenko

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