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Friends, the Lord has called us to act with special authority at this significant time! We should not trade the precious gifts of the Holy Spirit for worldly things and activities. We should not be confused concerning our general calling, but belong to Yeshua completely.

We should not be concentrated on self-realization. I spoke recently with a wonderful young minister, who was very concerned because he had been a believer for a year and a half and did not yet know his calling from God. So I said to him: “Praise the Lord that you don’t know it yet!” When I repented, nobody told me how important to discover my super calling, what special gifts I have, and how to adjust everything to these gifts and to reject everything that does not meet my “great calling.” I simply tried to serve where it was possible and where I was told to serve. If I was told to go to a nursing home I went there. Whether I wanted to or not but I went. I was not prepared for the stench and the conditions of that place but I was going to serve God. And God began to show me His miracles there.

I was told: "Let's go to the oncology department!" and I went. I was told: "Listen, there is a special honor to dig a trench near the church." I answered: "Cool! Can I take part in it?" Now tell people something like this and they will tell you: "Guys, are you crazy, I am a prospective apostle! What the trenches?"

Friends, one of the most terrible traps of the devil is to over-focus us on ourselves in the likeness of realizing the “great calling of God” in our life! Do not be trapped by it! Do to people and to God what you should do and what you are called for.

Of course, if the ministry to the Jewish people is burning in your heart and they tell you: “Don’t serve the Jews,” you still should keep on serving because it can and should be done. Why? Because the Bible says about this much more than about the ministry to anyone else.

While ministering, don't be over-focused on self-realization. We just need to understand that we are not the center of the world and it is not about us. It's not the main goal of God to surround us with all kinds of manifestations of His unconditional love.

Then, perhaps, we will have more faith, courage, and determination. And we will conclude the things that we had started together with the Lord. We will do what we decide to do in the Lord. And we will no longer need to repent of forgetting about our decisions with God, about what we wanted to start, but did not keep it doing, or even forgot and just left.

© Boris Grisenko, Senior Rabbi of KJMC

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