Three Goals of Repentance of the Jewish people

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In the third chapter of the Book of Acts, Peter addresses to the men of Israel, the authorized representatives of the Jewish people. They gathered in the Temple court at the Passover Feast (only adult men could represent the Jewish people). He speaks to them, but He appeals to all of the people of Israel. He says that they need to repent before God, and that repentance has several goals:

  • The FIRST GOAL is the personal salvation, forgiveness of sins, purification from the things that are not pure and clean (Acts 3:19, NKJV). This is a good example for us. Since when a believer remains in unrepentant sins, he finally gets to hell.
  • The SECOND GOAL of repentance of the Jews as the people is the power of resurrection from the death that will pour out upon the whole world, and the times of restoration and refreshment will come from the presence of the Lord (Acts 3:20; Romans 11:11, 12, 15, NKJV). When the Jewish people will massively return to their spiritual home, that will bring a spiritual wealth to all the nations.
  • The THIRD GOAL is the return of the Lord in His glory! He will come back to the restored Israel that becomes one Body along with believers from all the nations.

We are to realize our responsibility for fulfillment of the goals of God, for they are relevant to all the humanity and the entire Church as well.

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