How Can I Serve Someone with Such a Problem?

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Most people do not want to hear about the bad news or troubles of other people, they don't want their mood to be spoiled. But I think that the difficult situations of grief and pain people share with us are not given in order to "finish" us off completely.

The Lord challenges us in a certain way, He calls us to be the ray of His love and light, which will overthrow darkness the lives of others. It is normal to have compassion towards people, to worry about them and I think God`s mercy and grace are enough in our lives for that.


When we hear about a serious problem, a persons pain, we need to do everything we can for them at the very moment. Someone can pray,  others can share things, another one can give a sum of money. I believe in such an approach. 

So it has turned out that on my way there were people with very terrifying life stories. But words that I read in a book about Mother Teresa: "Evil is omnipotent only at the beginning, but it weakens in the course of time, and goodness is weak at the beginning but is almighty in the end" has helped me a lot.

I know for sure that when believers sincerely try to do everything they can for dealing with the problem or comfort the pain of other people than together with their help God`s mercy breaks into the life situations of these people. And His supernatural interference is almighty! And when we do all that we can,  we open doors for supernatural interference.


It is necessary for us to have the right reaction to peoples' problems! We often react in the following way: What can I do? I cannot do anything about it!”  But we can pray for the person. And prayer is not just getting rid of the problem. When a man sees a problem, wants to help but acknowledges his weakness, he calls to God and invites an opportunity for Him to interfere. And those kind deeds that we decide to do open access to the Lord reveal His almightiness.

It is important to understand that we serve people through Yeshua. When we see and experience somebody's problem, we must remember: there is One who can solve it.

When there are people on the earth who love others, wish them good and really want their hard problems to be solved in their lives, then this desire gives an opportunity for God to supernaturally interfere into the solution of every problem. And we should not be afraid of the problems that we hear about, otherwise, they will simply break us down.

We need constantly to remind ourselves, that we serve people through Yeshua the Messiah and He is the One Whom we can tell about all problems,  troubles, and difficulties.  We cannot do anything by our own strength but He can! And He is waiting for us to tell Him about it.


Our desire to serve those around us, to help solve their problems determines our spiritual level. Ability to serve other people makes us not to concentrate on the problem but to look ahead into the heaven. And then God becomes Almighty in a specific situation. But when we act in a different way - seeing a problem we are captured with hopelessness and isolate ourselves from the problems of others, we simply close ourselves from God`s almightiness.

People whom we serve and the way we react to their problems to is God`s challenge of love to our hearts.  What will we believe: that this situation is hopeless or that God`s love and His mercy is enough for solving them. 

When we are sincerely interested and are attentive to people, when we take care of them God opens His secrets to us. Holy Spirit gives keys to serve them: shows how to find the way to each person, how to develop the ministry, how to reach the good fruits. 

It is also important in this question to listen to what your pastor/rabbi/spiritual leader is saying, what advice he gives those are the keys to developing your ministry. We must follow the things that we have heard, what God has said through his Word and what a spiritual leader has said to your heart, to your character, what do we have to change, what do we have to do and where do we have to slow down?

Hear, accept and fulfill are important things because we will not change otherwise.

Nadezhda Ulianenko, the elder of KJMC

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