This is what God desired from Israel from the beginning! This is exactly what He wants from us!

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During the Exodus, Jewish people had neither the Spirit of God nor even the initial knowledge of the God who brought them out to freedom. That is why every day they demanded new superficial and visible blessings as proof that they went out of bondage not in vain and they could trust the heaven-sent Prophet. There were cucumbers and meat in the bondage but on the outside there were freedom, sand and manna so far only…

Which is why it is crucial for us not just only to plunge into the presence of Ruach ha'Kodesh, not just to be immersed in His invisible but tangible stream but it is important to let this external act of grace to kindle us from within; heighten and intensify what is the most important – inward, alive and personal knowledge of the Lord!

In Ancient Hebrew and Ancient Greek, the word “knowledge” meant “very intimate and deep connection in one”. The same word in Tanakh (written in Ancient Hebrew) and in the New Testament (written in Ancient Greek) had been used to describe marital intimacy between husband and wife; the joining of husband and wife in the one new man.

This is what God expected from the relationship with the whole Israel from the beginning. That is what He achieves towards His children in the New Covenant. Until New Testament times, this wasn’t possible with all God’s people. God achieved this relationship to a certain extent only with the chosen people who denied themselves and fully dedicated to God’s will. But now, it is available to all children of God.

He is longing for this! He is calling out to us!

(с) Boris Grisenko

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