Boris Grisenko: "The Biblical Foundation of ministry to the Jewish People" (Part 2)

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"All that hype around Jews and Israel, around what we all must love Jews, around what the 'Jewish roots, Jewish roots, Jewish roots' and on and on, as if there are no more important questions for the church of God. This sensation annoys me (options: embarrasses me, upsets me, saddens me, outrages me)."

I believe that is a quite meaningful reason. Time and again people who came to us with some irritation or indignation but having a fair and sincere desire to get an answer on their questions: "What it's all about?" and "How?". They really have been given a real Biblical answer. Here I want to separate one sub-item.

“There is neither Jew nor Gentile. Is there any reason to divide the Church? What is the point to revive the Galatian heresy?”. I believe if a person is asking that question, and they came to know: “Why do you divide the Church? Why do you revive the Galatian heresy?” - this is very constructive.

"I am glad that attention is paid to the Jewish issue. It's fair that attention is paid to this issue. But I am outraged at another injustice that in evangelical churches they say almost nothing that Jews made revolution... they crucified Christ...". We could add to this "... they provoked the war... all the financial leverage are in their hands... it said nothing about the international Jewish conspiracy and the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy...". Or: "Why in evangelical churches unlike other churches don't quote the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Kahal's Book (Materials for the study of Jewish life. Issue 1. 1869. by Yakov Brafman) and other unmasking Jewish sources?" "I want to realize the position of evangelical churches, specifically so called Messianic congregations on this issues. Have you been bought by Jews too?"

“I'm worried about my personal attitude to Jews. I realize that it's wrong and I want to find out and change my attitude”.

Sorry that I am listing too much, but I've been collecting this statistics for years. By the way, it had been already written down long ago, but for the first time I'm reading it in public. I've never ever read it before. I intended to do this many times at different conferences and biblical schools, but I didn't dare. But here, I feel it's possible.

“I can see that in the Bible God himself pays much attention to a so-called Jewish issue. If it's so important for God, I also want to seriously find out in that issue”.

“I understand, it needs to do something specific in this direction but I have no clue what. I need clarity for acting according to the Word”.

“Sorry for Jews who were massively persecuted and killed only because they were born Jewish. I want to help somehow”.

“I've learned recently that my relatives participated in some actions against the Jewish people”. Or: “I've remembered how my parents cursed the Jewish people” and so on. It's about the situation when someone's parents or grandparents thought very poorly of Jews, or maybe still do this and a person fed up with it, and their conscience hurts. Private moments are a stimulating reason of interest towards the Jewish issue.

“Recently my father confessed that we are Jewish. I found proofing documents that we are half-Jewish”, etc. Or, “Actually, I knew that I have Jewish roots, but I realized it recently and I want to understand how to bind it with Christianity?”. This reason is connected with the Jewish origin of the believer.

And finally, the last one:

“There is a decision to serve the Jewish people. I want to do it more effectively (if you have started the ministry)”. Or, “I want to serve effectively (if you haven't started it yet).”

There is an overview of some reasons and motivations to some extent which lead people to meetings, conferences, seminars, etc. on the Jewish issue in Christian churches (or in Messianic congregations), or the like listed above. I have observed these reasons for a number of years. I think, after reading this list, maybe you have found that some of these items could be applied to you? Of course, mostly at the second part, I’m sure. Or maybe, this will be useful to some of you in future.

If you have any questions, remarks, comments about this preliminary part, it would be very nice to hear them.

Boris Grisenko. The materials from the Pastoral retreat, 2015.

Boris Grisenko: "The Biblical Foundation of ministry to the Jewish People" (Part 1)

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