Why is slavery so sweet?

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The sweetness of slavery is natural for many people. Slavery gives reliability and confidence in the future. You do not manage your life as it is being managed for you.

People often cling to "the benefits and profits" of slavery, especially when it is "moderate", and slaveholders know how to exploit a man with a good coefficient of efficiency: feed properly, dress, provide a free modest apartment in a five-story building or a room in the Stalin-style communal apartment, poor but free medical care and education for you to praise the leaders of Egypt, so there would be no doubts that you live in "the happiest country of the world."

There is a joke about Soviet times, when the nursery teacher in a kindergarten told children about the horror of what’s happening in America, what terrible things they do with the african american people and what a large number of unemployed they have, who hardly live from hand to mouth, and about the injustice and horrors they have. Then, she continued with a positive part: how great to live in the Soviet Union: parents always have a salary, a big salary; spacious comfortable apartments; children have favourite toys, wonderful beautiful clothes and they can always get ice cream.
Then she asks Tanya, little girl from the kindergarten, “Why are you crying?"
“I want to the Soviet Union!”

This is a part of the history of the Jewish people. When our ancestors got out of physical Egypt, they had to pass trials and temptations of internal slavery.

They needed to escape from slavery, but as you know, the Jewish people remained in slavery for 30 additional years. Why? Because they did not want to leave the reliability of having the crumbs that they received in pots with meat in Egypt. And, only when the slavery drove them to despair they began to cry out to God.

I think (this is my opinion), God could have prepared Moshe 30 years earlier in the Midian desert. But, because Israel nation was clinging to the sweetness and bonuses of their own slavery, they were afraid to break free (because they understood that freedom means desert and devastation from the familiar grounds), and God kept Moshe in the desert. But, when the people cried out to Him, God brought them to the edge of His desert.

It was not enough just to experience and feel the slavery; they should have desire to escape from it! Furthermore, the people of Israel had to believe in the reality of God. They had to see God's miracles and understand that the Lord, Who was preparing the real Shabbat, is the Almighty God.

It is very important for us not to forget, what kind of people we were in our past lives and how we were enslaved by the primitive origin of this world: what kind of spirits were ruling over us; what kind of thoughts captured our minds; what emotions set us up; what passions drives us back and forth; to what we were faced with and where we were going. Remembering it, we must surrender to God, calm down ourselves from vanity, fears, from a constant chase after profits and from those passions, which tear apart people of this world.

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