Why Don’t We Want to Let Our Problems Go?

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There are times when we simply don’t want to let our problems go. Sometimes it’s because we’ve gotten used to having a particular problem in our life. Other times, we might not want to let a problem go because that very problem actually benefits us in some way.

It can be that:

  • Our problem is our shield. We defend ourselves with this shield from people, their claims, or from responsibility that we are afraid to carry. Sometimes the fear of responsibility may be stronger than the desire to be free from our problem.    
  • Some people who have been rejected in the past believe that no one ever will truly take care of them.

They remember, for example, a time when they were a child and they got true  attention from their family when they were ill. But, when they recovered they felt “forgotten” again. This experience stuck in their minds and subsequently is leading them to believe that if they were healed, no one will care about them, pay attention to them and or feel pity for them. They can’t imagine that God loves them despite their condition, even when they are healthy. Some people remember pain that was caused in the past and because of that, they have closed themselves off and don’t want to let God’s love work within them in the future.  

But if we can’t truly answer to God’s love, we can’t answer to human’s love either …   

If you have ever been rejected by someone, consider that David was the most rejected in his family. He was the only one among all sons who was not called to the family feast and he was treated as the last in the family; his place being by the flock of sheep. And yet, he was the one who was to become one of God’s greatest chosen ones because he turned over his feelings of rejection to the Lord. He let the Lord heal his heart and turned his pain into a thirst for closeness with his Heavenly Father.  If he did it, anyone can!

We do not have to reach the heights David did. Very few have reached that level. But at our level, everything we’ve been through can become a starting point for takeoff into God’s miraculous presence.

When I assisted with a ministry for people who have gone through different tragedies (in Ukraine and abroad), I faced the similar situations when a person went through the death of a relative or another tragedy or betrayal, and then carried their pain as a banner well after.

How do you think the words said in Song of Songs can accomplish in our lives, ‘’let his banner over me be love’’ if we hold the banner of pain and rejection over ourselves? Can we hold the banner of love in the same hand? It will not work! That`s why we have to make “the parade of Victory”. Like the Parade of Victory in Moscow in 1945 where the banners of Third Reich were thrown to the ground, so we as well must throw down banners of our pain and rejection, the pride of own tragedy and the misunderstanding of our pain by others to Calvary, before the feet of the crucified Messiah.

Don’t accept it as the next spiritual spell! This is the way out!

This is the practical step that gives an opportunity for our dear Father to set us free from the mess we’ve been in for years.

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