Spiritual instructions to prepare for the feast of Shavuot (Pentecost)

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1. Look through the Word of God starting with Shemot (Exodus), specifically chapters 15 - 19. Read carefully, meditate on what you have read, pray and ask God to show you what lessons can be learned from these chapters.

2. Read the end of all the Gospels as well as the first chapter of the book of Acts, focusing on writings that tell what happened to the disciples of Yeshua before His resurrection and after. Pray that the Lord would reveal the most important lessons of the journey from the first New Covenant Passover to the first New Covenant Shavuot.

3. Use everything to recall on the goodness of God during these days before Shavuot. Recall not the bad things which are connected with people, but on the good things which are connected with God.

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