Believe in the Supernatural God

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Some people will only believe in their own personal spiritual experience and are very skeptical about the testimonies of other people. If they haven’t experienced something similar in their lives, they are much less inclined to believe in the reality of other people’s spiritual experiences. They might think people just exaggerate with them when they are testifying the details of God's miracles.

Some people do not feel themselves worthy and accepted by God. They do not believe that the Spirit of God can visit them the way it happened with their brothers and sisters. This unbelief and doubt can limit acceptance of the reality of the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit. In order to remove these limitations it is important to understand that God loves all His children equally. He loves us as we are and there is no favoritism (Acts 10:34). Believe that God loves you personally! Realize and admit that He can do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).

The main thing in our life is God’s love. Fear of putting all that we are and all we have into the Lord`s hands hinders our openness to His love. If we are afraid to truly trust the Lord some area of our life, it may be invaded by the enemy. The areas of our lives where we have some fear tend to fall out of God's shalom. All that is ours belongs to God and shalom means wholeness and fullness of God's authority, God`s cover and acceptance of all our life. Therefore, we need to give Him everything.

It is important to have personal experience with God, understanding that the Holy Spirit interacts with different people in different ways because each believer is a unique individual.

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