It Is Time to Seek a Special Encounter with Our Heavenly Bridegroom

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bride loking for groom

The Retreat has ended, but the grace of God which was manifested at that time can continue to be revealed for us in fullness. For this purpose, it is important to learn from the behavior of the Bride, which is described in the Song of Solomon.

When the Groom was around, she (for various reasons) did not come to Him immediately, and when she decided to come to Him, she had to put forth more effort to search for Him and find a way to meet with Him (Song of Solomon 3:2-4).

We all need to continue to ascend to the Lord, to come out of our physical and spiritual limits to meet the Bridegroom. Make every day a day of special encounter with our Heavenly Bridegroom, and do not be afraid to open up everything to the Lord because there is no one else who would understand and love us so much.

At this time, it is important for us to use every opportunity to be in prayer, ascend to Him in praise and worship and dive deeper into the Word of God.

We are the generation that seeks the Lord! And, if we are seriously seeking the Lord, then we will surely find Him. And, as far as we find Him, it will become a new step of ascension to Him. The Lord Himself is looking for and waiting for a meeting with each one of us. His Spirit awakens our spirit for our soul to be really awakened and for it to break the carnal sleep, so that we will be penetrated with the light of our Heavenly Bridegroom.

Moreover, it is important to remember that God's faith works through love. The Lord loves His family; He loves Israel. We are living in a time that leads up to the great restoration of Israel. And, the calling of Jewish Messianic congregations is to shine with the light of salvation for Israel and to show the way of salvation to all peoples. Messianic ministers are the restorers of the Tabernacle of David in Israel, and through our ministry God restores His love to the people of Israel and spreads the light of the Messiah over them. Following God and the fulfillment of our calling is the way we work out our personal salvation.

His heart is filled with live streaming love, and He wants His love to bear fruit in us. God is eager to open His heart in a new, special way for each of us, but He will never do it by force. The fire of God's love can penetrate our heart as deeply as we allow Him to do it. We should deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Him for His sake and for the sake of His love.

When we decide to give ourselves completely to God, He delivers us from offences, different fears and all ungodly things which make us closed to His love. We need to put all our "idols" on the altar (sacrificial altar of God) and to worship only the Lord (not people or the values of this world).

It is important to remember that we are the children of God. We cannot be mousy people because the Spirit of God is within us, and we have the power and authority of God. In God's eyes each of us is a beautiful flower in His garden which spreads the fragrance of God around and brings its fruit. We must also see ourselves this way.

We should be devoted to prayer. It is necessary to reach such a point in prayer when we connect with God and when Yeshua Himself prays through us and His prayer, not ours, is directed to the Heavenly throne. God answers not only the prayers of people with great anointing, but also the prayers of ordinary believers gathered in one (even though few in numbers) team of God's servants who give up their time and rest to serve people. The connection of our willingness to make sacrifices, our dedication and exercising God's authority is very important. The Devil is powerless against us when we exercise authority and take back what does not belong to the enemy.

* Meanwhile, for those members of the congregation who for various reasons could not be present at the retreat it is useful to make an effort for meeting with the Lord still happen: visit the prayer meetings of the congregation and ascend to Him in praise and worship by diving deeper into the Word of God.

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