God’s Spark Can Always Be Found in the Darkness

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The desire of God's heart concerning us is not just to do immeasurably more (Ephesians 1:19; 3:20-21). God wants our lives to be filled with more of His influence, victories, love, joy, miracles, signs, etc...  But, He also wants us to participate in this process.

What is necessary in order for the “immeasurably more” that God has prepared for us to be revealed in our lives? He has placed His limitless potential inside of us; the value of which we do not fully understand nor use to its full potential. God's reality is that every believer (not just people with a special anointing) has the power from God to overcome fears, weaknesses and to cancel all sentences of the enemy. But sometimes we are immersed in a cloud of lies which prevents us from seeing and accepting God’s promises and subsequently seeing them revealed and fulfilled in our lives. We are more likely to believe negative things rather than God’s miracles and we tend to focus on the problem rather than on the evidence of God's glory through His miracles in our lives as well as in lives of others. If we do not accept the manifestations of God’s glory in lives of others and do not rejoice and thank the Lord for other people, God’s miracles cannot become our heritage.

God’s power can be revealed in us at new levels. There is a spark of God inside each of us and God can light up His flame in us. Just realize that the same power that broke the bonds of death and hell, raised Yeshua from the dead and uplifted Him to the heavens, dwells inside of us. There is always God’s spark in the midst of any problem and darkness. Let us refocus on God instead of on problems to see the glory of God that surrounds us. Let us rejoice and give thanks to God for the miracles He performs in the lives of others. Let us see God’s spark in ourselves as well as in other people (including those we were disappointed with) and let us ignite this spark through prayer, faith, confession, proclamation, boldness, love and support of each other. Look at yourself in a new way. We need to see what we have to change in our lives. We have to take risks to step over our fears and confusion and to make a step towards God to enter the new way He has already prepared for us.

Andrey Lugovsky, KJMC Elder

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