Shalom as God's Wholeness and Fullness (part 3)

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The word "brachot" does not simply mean “blessings”, but rather, blessings which multiply, grow and ultimately become the source and seed for new blessings.

Blessings come to those who sow with no regret, who rejoice and triumph victory over greediness, flesh, circumstances, etc... But, it is important to remember that it is God who makes the fruits of our generosity and righteousness grow. It’s only because of Him that we are able to sow more and more. Therefore, it is necessary to fully submit to the Lord and surrender to God's love. The fullness of God’s blessing is available to those who are open to joyful giving. “Autarchy” (Greek) is a state of inner shalom in which we immerse into the true God; it’s when we do not depend on external circumstances and they do not tear us apart, but instead, it’s a place where we are satisfied with our Lord and find rest on our Father's chest. When we function like this, we can generate shalom together with Him. Those who live this way will reap blessings that they did not count on or even expect.

We are a new creation and belong to Yeshua. He is our only God! The source of the fullness of shalom inside of us, within our inner man. Nothing can knock us out of this shalom, distract us or draw us away from it. We should not fear the things that are trying to distract us from God's shalom because the Lord is our defense. Even today we have to live without "breaches" in shalom and abide in Him always, in any circumstance, because God has already done everything for us to achieve the fullness of shalom and blessing. We need to be established in God’s vision where we are always immersed in our inner man regardless of where we are, remaining in shalom and equipped for every good work. Our new ability to rejoice, to see the needs of people and new opportunities to serve them means that we rest in the Lord and that we are in shalom. If we are not abound in good works, we are not in shalom. It is important to sow in the Spirit and invest into the kingdom of God and then God will provide everything you need, even giving more, in order to show His love for us for the sake of His glory.

According to the Jewish Bible, our lives should not be divided into separate units. The Jewish biblical approach is an approach of shalom, which is an undivided approach; an approach of holy wholeness and fullness. God wants to give us the fullness of Him who fills all in all. Today the world is still full of division, wars, murders and rivalry. It will not last forever. The old world will burn out and the new one will appear in God's shalom. But even today we need to live in such a way that when He comes, He finds us in shalom – undefiled and blameless, without any hurt or breaches in the wholeness of life with the Lord.

No matter how important our ministry is, it should not be separated from the rest of our life (our whole life influences our ministry and our ministry influences the rest of our life). Otherwise, our ministry will become lifeless; it will lose its living force and the flowing river of grace that fills those who are in shalom. Such a formal ministry is fated to fail. No "professionalism" in ministry is able to bring the fullness of shalom and God’s blessings. We need to love the God of Israel and God’s chosen people. Then, God will act in everything and turn our skills, knowledge and abilities into instruments of His love. When we gain professional knowledge and experience and are flourishing in love, then all these things are united into God’s stream. When God's flow connects everything in our lives into His glory we are like the ones who reached wholeness (even though it is not accomplished yet) in His eyes. God's true children have to restore shalom in their lives and souls and they should help their brothers and sisters to do the same. Then, God's shalom will begin to cover all areas of their lives.

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Shalom as God's Wholeness and Fullness part 3

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