How to Trample on the Enemy and Resist His Pressure

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During these difficult times of crisis in Ukraine, God does not want us to be disheartened when we look at what is happening all around. 

He wants us to trust Him; He wants the mountains of doubt, confusion and fear in our lives to collapse.

For this reason we need to take God’s faith and hold onto it, using it like our own, so that the faith of God becomes ours. There are mountains of external circumstances along with strongholds within us. When we destroy our inner strongholds, our outer ones will ones will tumble down like a house of cards.  It’s time for us to enter into the fullness of the Passover victory.

For this purpose:

  • Do not tolerate demons and their relentless activity in your life;
  • Do not let evil spirits torture you as a redeemed child of God;
  • Be indignant with the impudent actions of the enemy in your life;
  • Do not wait for somebody else to destroy your personal strongholds. Holy God’s anointing is on every child of God. That is why we truly need to trample on the enemy, resist his pressure and cast the unclean spirits staying illegally in our lives out of the territory of God’s glory. 

There are two features of manifestation of Haman spirit:

  1. Anti-Semitism; a fierce hatred toward the Jewish nation accompanied by an irresistible desire to annihilate Jews. The hatred toward real, not nominal, believers from other nations, – Christians who burn for the Lord is also connected with Anti-Semitism.
  2. Dissatisfaction with all things that come from God, bitterness, irritation and a focus on the negative. Haman had everything - authority, glory and riches and it was only Mordechai who did not kneel down or pay him honor. Haman became obsessed with something he had not obtained.

The danger of the Haman spirit lies in the fact that it is closely linked to the spirit of death. It also produces irritation, grumbling, dissatisfaction and a focus on things we lack (in our opinion). When it happens, then everything God is doing starts to seem insignificant and fades into the background. Focusing on negative things shadows every good work of the Lord.

God’s love for His people is everlasting and He has chosen them forever. God blesses those who bless Jews and curses those who curse them. Even when Israel turned away from God, He did not abandon His people. He is the same today. God’s indignation is not “against” His nation but “for” them. He wants His nation to reject delusions and come to meet their King. We live in the last days when hatred toward Jews and Christians will only intensify. God challenges us: will we keep silent, sitting on our hands, or follow the example of Yeshua’s disciples and treat God's nation as they did.God commanded us through His prophets to comfort His people. We are called to destroy the lie of the enemy, to lift up Jews, to share the Good News and true Word of God with them.  It is vitally important for us and our ministries to exercise this. You cannot serve other people having the bitterness of Anti-Semitism or grudge against the Jews because people will immediately recognize it.  The time of Israel’s revival has come and we have to rid ourselves of the yoke of this evil spirit and then help others to free themselves of un-Godly attitudes towards His people.

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