The Messianic Jewish Prayer and Training Centre

Опубликовано в Мессианский Еврейский Центр Молитвы и Обучения

…their burnt offerings and sacrifices will be accepted on my altar; for my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations

(Isaiah 56:7)

The Messianic Jewish Prayer and Training Centre

About a year ago God put to the rabbi’s heart and the hearts of the elders of the Congregation to create a Prayer and Training Centre that would become a base for more effective preparation of Messianic leaders and strengthening of believers’ prayer life personal as well as intercessory prayer for the salvation of Jews around the world.  

The Messianic Jewish Prayer and Training CentreThe core and the purpose of the project “The Messianic Jewish Prayer and Training Centre” is to create a place that will include a few functional directions:

- a prayer centre that could receive up to 5 thousand people in the same time on the retreats and other prayer services;

- a centre for the preparation and teaching of Messianic ministers.

There will be held different forms of learning, trainings and conferences for the ministers; - a place where ministers, leaders, and their families can restore physically and spiritually, and spend private time with God.

The natural landscape and location of the site is the most favorable for the realization of the goals. Thanks to God’s miracle in summer of 2012 our congregation bought a site in isolated place alone with nature but close to the city. There is a forest, a hill and a lake nearby on the 1.2 hectares of the territory. In the nearest time, by efforts of Kiev Jewish Messianic Congregation there will be built a 3-storey building here which can accommodate about 60 people. There will be a variety of educational activities and prayers there. The next stage is the construction of a full-fledged modern complex, which will be composed of: - A conference room for up to 1.5 thousand people; - A hotel for more than 300 people; - Dining room; - Media studio; - Alley with a playground and place for personal prayer time.
We plan that “The Messianic Jewish Prayer and Training Centre” will work all year. In our plans is to receive the first visit of ministers in this autumn. 

For the Center to receive the first visit of ministers it is necessary to:

- finish facade works; - make the house warm

- put a canalization system to use

- finish the decoration on the brother’s floor of the house

- make access roads on the territory of the Center complex

- buy: furniture and bathroom fitments, kitchen fitments, equipment for teaching and conferences.

 The Messianic Jewish Prayer and Training Centre

What was made by the beginning of July, 2013:

- roofing was completed;

- windows were mounted;

- all communications were carried out and adjusted;

- a design documentation for heating was created and approved;

- a design documentation for electricity was created and approved;

- the main inner fit-out work in the house were made.

This Centre will serve not only to our generation but also to the next generations of Christian believers. 

We invite you to cooperate with us in realization of the project “The Messianic Jewish Prayer and Training Centre”.

We believe that this is the work of God and it will become a blessing for everybody who invests in it. Kiev Jewish Messianic Congregation will be glad to have your prayer and financial support, as far as possible, in this work that is important for the entire Body of Christ. 

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