Why the Jews again? Boris Grisenko: The causes of anti-Semitism

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Why the Jews again Boris Grisenko The causes of anti Semitism
- People who have not explored the Holocaust, anti-Semitism and persecutions of the Jewish people often wonder why the Jewish people have been chosen as an object of hatred for such a long time. What is the secret?

- Why the Jews again? I think because the Jewish people is a very convenient object. First of all, they are always in the minority. The state of Israel is a tiny land but, from the point of view of the anti-Semites, it threatens the whole world!

Jewish people are in the minority and that gives the anti-Semites a number of "bonuses":

  • it is easy to deal with them, to do away with them, to put pressure on them or to discriminate against them;
  • this gives the Jews a completely abnormal mystical power and strength, and there is no need to prove anything to the anti-Semites in particular, no need to invent any arguments.

It has become a custom to press absurd charges against the Jews and if people want to listen, they will take for granted.

This already goes beyond the logical explanation. From now it is impossible to handle that without the Bible. Here we approach such a phenomenon that even if people have no negative experience in communication with the Jewish people, no evidence of "Zionist conspiracies", they are either afraid of the Jews or hated or despised, or all of the above.

When we talk about unbelievers for whom Bible is not an authority, we talk about so-called "phenomena of mass consciousness". The attitude of people towards anyone or anything, is mainly is defined by the emotions accumulated in their souls. And this ballast of emotions is defined not by rational conclusions but by the fact that it was invested genetically, in the period of upbringing in the first years of the life of a person. And also, by the circumstances and the environment in which proceeded the adolescence and youth of such a person.

© Boris Grisenko, Senior Rabbi of KJMC // from the interview "Boris Grisenko – about the Ukrainian national, biblical and spiritual anti-Semitism"

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