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Погружение в любовь Отца 2019

International prayer conference “Immersion in the Father’s love” took place on May 3-4 right in the center of Kyiv (Ukraine). The first Messianic conference this big has become a true blessing for many!

7,000 people from 32 countries attended the conference. Around 1,500-2,000 people simultaneously watched every session online.

Keynote speakers: Heidi Baker, Sid Roth, Misty Edwards, Asher Intrater, Boris Grisenko.

The host is Kyiv Jewish Messianic Congregation.

The conference was live - streamed on Facebook and YouTube (both in Russian and English), on GOD.TV internet TV-channel and on 4 TBN TV-channel satellites. It is also going to be streamed in recorded form on “New Christian” TV-channel.

On Russian KJMC Facebook page and KJMC YouTube channel alone, there were 50,000 views.

As far as we know, there hasn’t been anything like it neither in Europe nor in the countries of former USSR!


According to Asher Intrator: “It’s the largest messianic conference ever, anywhere! I was particularly excited to see the fervency and love of the people. When we would have meetings nobody wanted to leave, they just wanted to keep going. There were so many of us together- so it was really something happening”.

Those were two days filled with the love of the Heavenly Father, marked with family unity among God’s children and the mighty movement of the Holy Spirit! Thousands of people praised God and joined in the round dancing.

Heidi Baker: “There was this actual move, you could feel the presence of God and you could feel things shifted”

Boris Grisenko: “Our motto and purpose for the conference –immersion in the love of the Father – proved to be exactly that and even more. We believed we hoped, we anticipated but the reality to our delight exceeded our expectations!”

A special open service with Sid Roth took place on Saturday afternoon and was attended by 5000 people (512 people registered as unbelievers). The majority of them prayed the sinner’s prayer.

More than 300 pastors and bishops took part in a special meeting for pastors on the 2nd day of the conference.

Many attendees experienced personal miracles and healings and were delivered by God from many internal problems when worshiping and praising God in songs, dances, and prayers. Paralysis left, joints were healed. A great number of muscular-skeleton system healings took place. Scores of people were delivered from fears and all sorts of spiritual and mental bondage.

Valentina: “My thighbone was broken, there were splinters and the bone was misaligned. To be honest, I believed and doubted at the same time. BUT today I can walk again! I couldn’t walk for 3 years. It’s a miracle, I’m telling you – it’s a miracle!"

During the conference live-stream, we received thousands of online comments and feedback. The viewers wrote that they were experiencing the presence of God right through the screens of their computers and TVs! When watching the conference live-stream many people received healings of their backs, legs, joints; migraines left, their eye-sight was restored, years-long pain left. This conference has become a milestone event that can impact not only people’s lives but the spiritual atmosphere in regions and countries as well.

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Boris Grisenko: “This gives us a tangible hope that revival anticipated by many believers is at hand. And we can see how the Jewish component begins to play the part assigned to it by God. We can see how important it is for the Jewish component in the Body of the Messiah to be actively involved in the preparation for this global revival. And here we can see how this is happening with our own eyes!”

We are grateful to everyone who supported us in prayer during the preparation processes and during the conference itself – this is our common victory!

The conference videos are available here.

We are going to keep track of what God continues to do, bringing forth the fruits of the conference on KJMC resources:

 YouTube: https://bit.ly/2DGe664

Facebook: Kiev Jewish Messianic Congregation

Join us to partake in this joy of God’s victory!

For more information or to share your thoughts on this, please, write to us.

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Credits: Vitaliy Strok, Vitaliy Zubchevskiy

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