The 9th of Av: Why? How?! How much longer should this last? Speaker: Rabbi Boris Grisenko

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The 9th of Av day in the minds of all the Jews has become a symbol of all the persecution and misfortunes happened to the Jewish people.

The traditions of Orthodox Judaism instruct the Jews to keep absolute diet and drink no water; no baths, leather shoes and perfumes. Orthodox Judaism binds to sleep without a pillow and sit on the floor. It’s the day when nobody is allowed to study Torah.

In the latter half of the 17th century the followers of Shabtai Tsvi abolished the 9th of Av fast and declared it a festival day.

Reform Judaism movement wouldn’t acknowledge the 9th of Av day as the day of mourning for a long period of time. But few decades back the guideline was abolished.

However, Soviet population of Israel calls to abolish the national day of mourning on the 9th of Av day, since the main reason for it - the loss of Jewish independence – is now redundant.

What does Torah have to say about this? Who’s right? And when should this mourning end? The seminar “The 9th of Av: Why? How?! How much longer should this last?” – is meant to help us understand this anything but simple date in the calendar.

The speaker – Rabbi Boris Grisenko
July 27, 7 p.m.
20 Zhmachenko street, Main hall.
The seminar is online broadcasted on: Facebook, Youtube, Website

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