International Messianic Prayer Retreat in San Diego, California, USA (PHOTOS)

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Pastors, rabbis and the ministers from Israel, USA and Ukraine came together in San Diego, California, USA, in November 2017 for the 3rd International Jewish Messianic Prayer Retreat. Four days of devotion to God were full of prayer, communication, and sharing experience. The participants have studied the Scriptures in the context of the Jewish ministry, and they discussed the topics which had been said by the guest speakers.

Vadim Keldysh, Rabbi of the San Diego Jewish Messianic Congregation: "Spiritual atmosphere in California and in San Diego needs for profound changes. What is needed is to stir up the prayer fire and to spread it. A few years ago, we had started to do this in a distinct minority and this prayer retreat in November showed us that we were on the right track. On this prayer retreat, the Holy Spirit has been acting in various ways, often surprising us. Intercession revealed spontaneously: pastors, messianic rabbis, ministers, all speaking different languages, from different cities and countries - immersed together in prayer and in a very hearty family atmosphere as one man."

Boris Grisenko, Senior Rabbi of the Kiev Jewish Messianic Congregation, Vice Chairman of the Ukrainian Interchurch Council, was the main speaker of the retreat. Rabbi Boris and other speakers shared about the development trends, unique ministry experience, and about the last news of the messianic movement in Ukraine, Europe, and Israel. "Israel and Church: challenges of the last days" and "New experience and new ways of serving the Jews" were the key subjects of the retreat.

"The USA is a huge and diverse country; there are lots of churches where the parishioners are gathered on the basis of nationality and culture. The representatives of likely almost every nation live here; so, churches and even messianic congregations are quite diverse.

This is an amazing mixture in the body of Messiah, and it requires time on searching unique ways and methods of approaching for building relationships with different churches to make them clear for their great and significant role in serving the Jewish people. The experience of the messianic ministry gained in Ukraine is helping us to develop in this area," summed up Vadim Keldysh.

The spiritual atmosphere in the USA differs from state to state and from city to city. That's why an interest in the Jewish ministry has its territorial features. Broadly speaking, I can see that American believers are willing to know more about the Jewish messianic ministry, to be involved and to develop it.


  • Pastor Jack Sampier, Sr. (Hope Restored Church, San Diego, CA)
  • Messianic Rabbi Barney Kasdan (Kehilat Ariel Synagogue, San Diego, CA)
  • Messianic Rabbi Michael Samsonov (Rishon Le Zion, Israel)
  • Pastor Sergei Poonka (Light of the World Church, San Diego,CA)
  • Pastor Lisa Bourland (The Father’s House, Henderson, KY)
  • Messianic Rabbi Michael Shorb (JMC, Baltimore, MD)

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