The KJMC International Pastors Retreat 2017: unity, joy, renewal in God's presence (PHOTO, VIDEO)

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October 17-20, Puscha Voditsa welcomed pastors and rabbis, their assistants, leaders of ministries from 12 countries around the world: Israel, Egypt, Lithuania, Moldova, Belarus, Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Germany, the USA, Sweden and Ukraine. 217 of God’s ministers gathered together for the Annual International Jewish Messianic Pastors Retreat held by KJMC. Those four days turned out to be days of true refreshment and nourishment both for souls and minds: the retreat participants were worshipping God together, resting, and having fellowship. They dived into the Scriptures, the history of Judaism and Christianity, had discussions, received revelations and experienced amazing unity in the presence of God.

This year a strong international speakers team gathered at the retreat: Jim Anderson, Kirk Bennet with IHOP worship team, Karl-Gustav Severin, Harold Rhoades, Boris Grisenko, Andrey Tischenko, Alexander Dechtyarenko, Andrey Shmaytser and others ministered to the guests with the Word, counseling and prayer.

Every day of the retreat was special – guests were impressed and inspired with diverse topics, how they were delivered, and movements of Holy Spirit among the people.

  • Kirk Bennet’s intercession ministry with worship and praise became the call to fervently pray for Israel. The IHOP minister in prayer interceded for Israel and its salvation.
  • Jim Anderson shared his revelations about the importance of family devotion to God, values in the families of ministers, and the importance of family prayer. He taught on how to build healthy relationships between fathers and children, using the example of the relationship between the Heavenly Father and Yeshua.
  • Pastors, just like all other people, are susceptible to fears and anxieties. So they are also in need of encouragement to overcome fears. This is what Karl-Gustav Severin preached about. He also prayed against all fears.
  • The last retreat day was completely Jewish themed. Boris Grisenko was the main speaker.
  • International prayer against anti-Semitism and Nazism was presented to the guests (it will take place April, 14-15, 2018 – between the feasts Purim and Passover).
  • Michael Yaron, the rabbi of Messianic congregation “Tekhilat Ya” from Rishon Lezion , shared his testimony and talked on peculiarities of ministry to Jews in the land of Israel. He talked about the mentality of native Israelis and emphasized that Jewish hearts will be reached and saved when Jewish believers and believers from other nations reconcile.

The “Questions and answers” block turned out to be very dynamic. The following areas of Jewish ministry were discussed: strategies, extremes, evangelism peculiarities, ministry to different Jewish groups, interaction principles between Jewish Messianic congregations and churches in ministry to Jewish people.

Boris Grisenko made a retrospective journey into the history of Judaism and its tendencies. He talked about contemporary Judaism. Pastors analyzed Bible passages and specific real-life situations in ministry to Israel.

The KJMC Pastors’ retreat concluded with communal prayer: the retreat guests were blessing Israel, nations, churches and congregations, were giving thanks to God for everything He had done at the retreat. The fruit wasn’t just spiritual (revelations, words of knowledge, answers to burning questions…) but also physical (healings, general well-being mend, freedom from all sorts of oppressions). No wonder – all the days of the retreat were filled with powerful presence of God and joy, which the Lord was generously lavishing on all the guests and the team.


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