You are invited to the "Immersion in the love of the Father" conference!

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We live in a time when the flow of the Holy Spirit is pouring out very powerfully and freely. The Father's love is surprisingly close to everyone who wants to accept it and who is seeking to know God.

He wants to immerse us in His love completely. It is only we ourselves who choose how deep our relationship with God will be.

How much do we desire God's presence and His love? How open are we for the Holy Spirit to lead us throughout our life?

At this conference we will together seek His presence and completely immerse ourselves into incredible Love of the Father!

2-3 of May, 2017
2b Salyutnaya St., KievExpoPlaza, Kiev, Ukraine

*The conference is held in the frames of the Prayer Retreat of Kiev Jewish Messianic Congregation


Heidi Baker, the President of Iris Global International Ministry, Doctor of Theology, missionary and preacher.

John Chisholm, the Vice President of the International Evangelical Missionary Ministry IHOPKC as well as Director of the Russian Department and the Israeli Department of IHOPKC.

Boris Grisenko, the Senior Rabbi of Kiev Jewish Messianic Congregation.


  • Prayer and worship.
  • Word from special guests - HEIDI BAKER, BORIS GRISENKO and JOHN CHISHOLM.
  • IHOP KC praise with Justin Rizzo and Fady Gergis.
  • Jewish praise and worship.

We expect surprises from the Holy Spirit!

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# Erika 30.04.2017 18:03
Dear Friens in God,

I would like to go to this conference from Hungary. But I don't know in wich hour/time will be start.I repent the God in 1992 when I was teeneger.
I need the anoiting of God- I have some medicine problem - I will be glad if we can pray togheter- for this..
Thanks a lot

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