Boris Grisenko and Oleg Shcherbakov Took Part in the Messianic Retreat in Israel

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A Messianic retreat was held in Israel from May 12-14, 2016.  Messianic believers from Jerusalem, Netanya, Ashdod, Petah Tikva and other cities in Israel, as well as believers from KJMC and the New Testament Church, Nikolaev, Ukraine, gathered to share in collective solitude with God in the city of Kiryat Haim.

The main topic of the retreat was “Israel in the end times”. This topic is timely and relevant for Eretz Israel as it experiences strong pressure from outside and inside as never before.

The participants of the retreat praised God together, prayed for revival and salvation of Israel, for unity between pastors, for Jerusalem, for important elements of life of the country and for the Jewish people.  They also blessed the government and people of Israel.

Two retreat guests, senior KJMC rabbi Boris Grisenko and the pastor of the New Testament, Church Oleg Shcherbakov, shared additional insights about the role of Israel in the end times.

The participants of the retreat left very inspired and desire to continue with such meetings.

The retreat was organized by the Beit Hakerem Messianic Congregation which is led by pastors Alex and Elena Kravtsov.


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