International Prayer Tour in Poland Unites Believers of Different Denominations

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KJMC joined other Jewish Messianic congregations along with numerous denominations represented by churches from Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Germany and Slovakia in starting April 2016 by participating in a great event and special spiritual mission; a prayer tour in Poland.

This prayer tour was initiated by the Polish believers. The main objectives of the tour were:

  • to draw closer to the spiritual awakening of Poland;
  • to seek deliverance from strongholds and spirits that hinder spiritual awakening, including the spirit of anti-Semitism.

The prayer tour started on April 1 and covered almost the entire country. Groups of ministers from Kyiv, Vinnitsa, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Berdichev Jewish Messianic congregations and various churches converged upon Poland from the north, south, east and west and worked their way towards its capital in order to cover 85 towns and villages in prayer.

Participants of the prayer tour, together with the local churches, organized and conducted services in many places along the way. They praised God in unity, prayed, blew shofars and proclaimed the victory and authority of Yeshua. They prayed for the destruction of the curse of anti-Semitism, awakening from spiritual slumber, for churches in Poland and for other key spiritual goals.

Services of repentance were conducted at the sites of mass massacres of the Jewish people during World War II including the notorious Auschwitz, Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec and Majdanek locations. It also included different ghettos, places of burial including nondescript forests and ravines which were erased even from the memory of native people, but where thousands of innocent Jewish men, women and children perished.

Throughout the whole week of the prayer tour, the Holy Spirit accompanied the ministers and His presence was strongly and clearly revealed during prayers and repentance. There were countless amazing events, spiritual victories and deliverances witnessed.  

The prayer tour continued in Warsaw on April 8th with a special POWER OF REVIVAL prayer event that gathered together hundreds of believers from different churches, denominations and congregations from six countries. Bishops from various Polish churches and rabbis of Jewish Messianic congregations, including KJMC senior rabbi Boris Grisenko, were in attendance at this event.

Rabbi Boris shared his impressions of the prayer tour and importance of such ministry, "There are different spiritual atmospheres in different places. Those things which happened in different places may impact the level of openness or closeness for the action and manifestations of the Holy Spirit in others places.

God calls us to change the spiritual atmosphere not only in places where we live, but in other places as well. The Body of Messiah is one and as such, we should be concerned about the spiritual awakening beyond our native place and extend to other places where our brothers and sisters live; to where they are calling us to come and pray with them.

The things that happened on Polish territory for many centuries, particularly in the twentieth century, are important not only for the people who live there, but also for all surrounding countries.

The prayer tour was primarily focused on places of mass execution of the Jewish people. We all know that the blood of Yeshua HaMashiah shed for all of mankind cries out to God for forgiveness stronger than the blood of those who perished innocently. Therefore, the spiritual atmosphere can’t change radically without the prayers of the believers; without our participation in prayers along with local believers in order to take responsibility for what happened here and lift everything to the Throne of grace. It won’t happen without our calling to blood of the Savior that cleanses and brings deliverance and salvation.

There was very important prayer in Poland before this prayer tour and we hope that after it, people will continue to gather together and lift prayers up to the Lord. But we do know for certain that this tour has played an important role in crushing down the devil's strongholds in Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, perhaps even in Lithuania and some other countries.

This tour became a most important powerful attack against enemy`s strongholds! And that mutual understanding, a wonderful brothers’ unity in our supernatural God`s love and melted so much ice, that the long-lasting fruits of this spiritual spring will be manifested in many Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Slovak, Belarus, Hungarian, Baltic and many other churches".

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