You are invited to seminars “Introduction to Messianic theology" by Boris Grisenko

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Dear chaverim! You may be confused by the word “theology” and think that this discipline is exclusively for theologians. But it’s not some theoretical science for the chosen ones. Messianic theology is alive; it’s still being formed as Messianic congregations get restored to life. It helps these congregations to enter the genuine plan God has for them. It’s according to this plan they come into existence, form and prospere.

Highlights from Immersion In The Father's Love Conference

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Погружение в любовь Отца 2019

International prayer conference “Immersion in the Father’s love” took place on May 3-4 right in the center of Kyiv (Ukraine). The first Messianic conference this big has become a true blessing for many!

7,000 people from 32 countries attended the conference. Around 1,500-2,000 people simultaneously watched every session online.

Keynote speakers: Heidi Baker, Sid Roth, Misty Edwards, Asher Intrater, Boris Grisenko.

International Messianic Prayer Retreat in San Diego, California, USA (PHOTOS)

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Pastors, rabbis and the ministers from Israel, USA and Ukraine came together in San Diego, California, USA, in November 2017 for the 3rd International Jewish Messianic Prayer Retreat. Four days of devotion to God were full of prayer, communication, and sharing experience. The participants have studied the Scriptures in the context of the Jewish ministry, and they discussed the topics which had been said by the guest speakers.

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