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2020-04-24 11:08:51

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For more than 25 years now JHOPFAN has organized the All Nations Convocation Jerusalem and the watchmen tour of Israel.  For the first time, the All European Convocation of the Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations is going to be hosted online. 


2015-03-04 14:42:09

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Purim or The Feast of Lots is a celebration of the deliverance of the Jewish people in Persia at the hand of a Jewish heroine, Queen Esther.

Purim is a triumph of the people sentenced to death

2016-03-15 11:00:16

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Purim is the most joyous holiday on the Jewish calendar. It is a holiday of victory of freedom and goodness over evil. Purim is celebrated in remembrance of the salvation of the Jewish people from complete extermination during the last years of Babylonian captivity (539-331 BC).

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# Rastislav Sirilko 24.11.2018 18:03
Pomolites pozalusta za moju pamet.Uze piat let stradaju nedostatkom pameti.Iz-za etogo nedostatka nemogu najti rabotu i zapominat Pisanije.
# Ralph Copas 10.03.2018 23:02
Love Watching you teach pray for your needs
# Trudy Van hoeck 24.02.2018 00:31
Shalom! Shabbat Shalom
I Enjoy your congregation.
-1 # Олег Стеценко 07.10.2017 11:46
שלום, מה שלומך?
# Immanuel Immanuel 23.09.2017 12:54
Spaciba za perevod. Prosta atlichni perevod!
# kun aguero 30.09.2017 13:35
:D :D :D
+1 # Immanuel Immanuel 23.09.2017 12:51
Tolka Ti Adin Tsar Tsarei, Yeshua! :D :lol:
# Minia zavut Immanuel 03.09.2017 04:54
Nilzia grustit pered Bogom! :lol: :-)
# Minia zavut Immanuel 03.09.2017 04:51
Ya tak lublu kak mui tantsuyem. Eta prosta praznik kajdi raz ya smatrui kak mui Boga molimsia :lol:
+1 # Minia zavut Immanuel 03.09.2017 04:39
Baruch Hashem Mayi Bratia i cemia! Ya tak rad vas vstretit. Ya uchilsia v Rocii no vas nie znal tak da. Salava Bogu ya do sir po gavariu pa ruski. Budim Boga malitsa v meste! Do skora vstrechi
+1 # Paschal Lambe 22.07.2017 19:32
I need freedom. I need your pray for me, please.
+2 # ralph copas 08.07.2017 18:54
I watch every saturday as i get up in english. It is a blessing to watch even though i am not jewish.We need more of this thank you.I have been watching for a few weeks . I have not sure how long it is a blessing
-1 # Ali Ozlati 27.05.2017 12:00
Shabbat shalom Daniel shterndak and Aleksander Vilka and every body love you brothers in Yeshua let's dance and rejoice shout and cry to the lord and proclaim God's glory in all the nations
+2 # Paschal Lambe 20.05.2017 12:29
Please, can you more pray for our family, and me, I need Holy Spirit and freedom..thank You Lord!
# Paschal Lambe 20.05.2017 12:18
Shabbat shalom!! Thank you for pray!

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